10 Fields of 3D Modeling Application – Why 3D Modeling Services Are So Useful?

If you’re learning how to create 3d models and wonder whether this skill is useful, we’ll tell you the most popular fields where there’s a high demand for 3d visualization artists. Choose one for you and develop in this direction.The internet is full of online 3d modeling courses and everybody says it’s a promising skill to master. If you aren’t sure whether your dream is to work in a 3d art studio, look at the spheres where 3d models are being used actively.

10 Fields of 3D Modeling Application – Why 3D Modeling Services Are So Useful?

Science and equipment

Creating a 3d model of a new device is the fastest way to prove you’ve come up with a great idea. That’s why a huge number of companies present their products, whether this is a new car or a simple backpack, using 3d modeling services.

Also, your favorite smartphones were created in a 3d program first. This technology helps to find the best solutions to combine modern design with a powerful operating system and battery.

PR and marketing

Try to remember your favorite advertising company – there was probably at least one 3d model in a promo video. Brands apply for 3d modeling services to get a picture different from reality. Actors and filming set can’t give such a bright and unusual result.

The advantages of using 3d technologies in marketing

  • stocks and stones can become the main heroes and present a product from a new side;
  • a 3d object looks better than anything from the real world;
  • effects and fast transitions combined with 3d graphics attract viewers.

Interior, exterior and architecture

3d technologies are more and more inserted into buildings engineering. There’s no need for streaking 2d plans and structures, as high-tech programs and apps allow getting a result faster. For example, 3dreach uses 3d technologies on a professional level. The company shows clients the future result in a realistic manner, that’s why it’s easier to satisfy any demands.Interior designers are amongst active 3d technologies users. They work with a huge variety of shapes and textures, and special programs allow collecting them all in one place and look at the whole picture from different sides.

Games, VFX and animation

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the rising popularity of games. Heroes, landscapes, and gestures are becoming more and more realistic thanks to 3d artists. High-quality 3d graphics is a must to dive the players deep into a new reality.

VFX and animation don’t raise questions, except for what is VFX. It’s a number of visual effects based on uniting real objects filmed on camera and 3d graphics. Speaking about animation, we all remember how “Toy Story” became the 1st 3d cartoon and how futuristic it looked like.


As you can see, 3d modeling gives a huge number of opportunities not only for companies but for artists too. Try to imagine where you want to become a specialist and create!

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